Source Resource 2022

dowsing rods - brass and hazel, posters, video projection on metallic curtains, vibrating sound piece, wooden platform

Source Resource (voice)                                                                                                               


Come closer

Don’t be afraid

60% of your body is water

Breathe and relax

Choose your sticks

Copper, brass, branches of hazel or willow

Hold them straight in front of you

Bring an image to your mind

60% of your body is water

The light and the rhythm of the waves

Your sticks are in your hands

They will help you find resources

Sources, precious like diamonds

Move slowly, move forward

Listen to your sticks

Rhythm of your breath

Waves of light

60% of your body is water



You are shinning now

Shining bright like a diamond

Full of invisible powers

60% of your body is water

You are like a dowser when the sticks cross

Magnetism and Somesthesia



Do you feel the vibrations ?

Waves of light

Inside and outside your body

Water is sacred, water is gold

Gold is gold

And you are water

60% of your body is water